Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Ice Age 2" -- Still In Top Ten

"Ice Age: The Meltdown" continues to chug along (click above)... It declined 28.6% over the past week to settle at #8 -- totalling up $187,395,000 domestically. "The Wild" is at #14 and garnered $34,408,000. Globally, "IA2" continues to spin the turnstiles as it closes in on $600 million worldwide. So offshore, "Ice Age" has more than doubled its domestic take. But not so for "The Wild." It appears that Disney's subcontracting job is as anemic overseas as at home, scraping in $28 million to date. Next week, "Over the Hedge" debuts, and we'll see what its opening weekend numbers turn out to be. (I'm a good, God-fearing business representative, so I'm going to do THIS.)


Anonymous said...

I work for a film distribution company and I can assure that there is something wrong with the box office figure you have given for International. Realistically, Ice Age II is more or less around $250 to $300 million (which is already enormous)

Ben Schor

Kevin Koch said...

You're right, Ben. We wrote $600 million foreign, instead of $600 million worldwide. It's been corrected.

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