Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Afternoon at DreamWorks

Tuesday's activities included going through the DreamWorks campus. Went over to talk to an artist about a Personal Service Contract, then wandered through various offices, chatting people up.... The animation staff is down to crunch time on "Flushed Away," and will be animating a big chunk of it in the next couple of months. Re other DreamWorks features: The last time I was on the lot, I watched a comedy sequence in development for the upcoming "Bee Movie" (this is the one that Jerry Seinfeld is doing). It was little more than the tracks and rough layouts and blocking (no finished animation), but it was quite amusing. Yesterday, one of the artists said that he finally saw the whole picture put together start to finish. He said he hadn't been sure how it was going to work when he only saw it in bits and pieces, but he said he was "very pleasantly surprised" when he saw the whole thing. He said that Jerry Seinfeld is a "very funny guy" in meetings. Judging from Jerry's television show, I'd guess that would be the case.


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