Sunday, July 02, 2006

Meet Burny Mattinson

Here's a dandy interview with my old boss Burny Mattinson... one of the nicest story artists/directors you'll ever want to meet. (We link to Clay Kaytis's website because he's got some nifty stuff over there. And if you haven't discovered the site, you should. It's a terrific resource.)


Anonymous said...

Burny has always been kind of a low key kind of guy. It's great to finally hear him tell his story. It's really great stuff, and we're all looking forward to part two.

Kudos to Clay Kaytis for making this wonderful Animation Podcast happen.

Anonymous said...

Bernie is one of the true good guys in the business. Thanks Clay, for finally doing like Stromboli said " poosha you inna dee Pooblick eye!"

Clay Kaytis said...

Thanks everyone. Yes, I really did want to push him out there because it's something Burny would never do on his own. I'm so glad everyone can get to know him a little better now. And the best part: there's much more audio to come!

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