Monday, July 17, 2006

Nick at Noon

The Nick Staircase
Went over the Nickelodeon to talk to one employee and stayed to talk to many... The Nick Studio is a big white rambling structure on Olive Avenue in Burbank, and it also occupies a building next door, which just now has lots of artists working away on its shorts program. What struck me (again) as I walked around was how similar we've become to live action in terms of moving from company to company. Directors and board artists who I've seen at Warners, Film Roman, and Cartoon Network in the past six to twelve months are now up in Nickelodeon's big, square "condo" creating Viacom's next round of animated series. Over in the one-story facility, Butch "Fairly Odd Parents" Hartman and company are also developing a potential new series. I say "potential" because it hasn't been finalized, but instead of a single short or one-episode pilot, they are developing multiple episodes in one fell swoop.
The Nick Gallery


Mark Mayerson said...

Here's a question. Do you think because talent circulates more that the studios have less distinctive identities as a result?

Kevin Koch said...

Hmmm, interesting question. My guess is that a bigger factor is that producers generally want to greenlight things that are similar to whatever already appears successful, and that the really distinctive stuff gets edited out early in the development process. And I think creatives also, consciously or unconsciously, then to follow trends, too.

But I think you're probably right that some of the sameness we see in animated features and TV shows comes from the circulation of talent.

Robiscus said...

hey, the html text on that post is all screwy and extends past the border so i can't read it.
(i'm on a mac)

Kevin Koch said...

Looks okay on my Mac, but I tweaked the post a bit. Is it better?

Robiscus said...

no, its still all wanky, but i copied and pasted it to read it.

maybe its my browser...

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