Monday, July 24, 2006

We, the Jury (Warner Bros. Artists by Kenny Thompkins)

In the 1990s, Warner Bros. Animation had a group of board artists, designers and directors second to none. Here are caricatures of twelve of the tyros. Norm McCabe (the man in the second row, second from right) had been in the animation business since the 1930s and Termite Terrace. Norm, sadly, has left us, but most everybody else is still going strong.*
Front row, left to right: Bruce Timm, Leandro Martinez, Kathy Yelsa, John Dymer. Second row, left to right: Lenord Robinson, Keith Baxter, Norm McCabe, Art Vitello. Back row, left to right: Bruce Zick, Chuck Harvey, Doug McCarthy, Steve Donnemeyer. Drawing by Bruce Timm.
*(see the comments section for a correction.)


Mike Milo said...

Actually Leandro passed away while we were working on Tazmania back in, I think, 1992. But boy what a talent he was!

Jenny Lerew said...

Yes, Leandro died in a car accident, and it was in '92, I think.
That was a terrible shock; he was the first person I ever met in my first job(at WB), and was so kind and helpful.

This is IIRC the entire Art Vitello crew here(including PA Donmeyer), caricatured for Art's "Tiny Toons Music Television" episode of TTA, for the song "Respect"--the actual Aretha Franklin number, no less. I have a copy of this somewhere--I always thougth bruce Timm did it...but I could be wrong!

Steve Hulett said...

This drawing ran in our 1995 TAG Datebook (assembled by Jeff Massie; written by Tom Sito.)

Mr. Thompkins is credited. We could, of course, be wrong.

Jenny Lerew said...

Oh, it could be he--my memories have been known to be wrong on occasion! ; ) Bruce T. would certainly know.

DSK said...

Top left in the back row looks more like Ted Blackman that Bruce Zick. Are you sure?

Jenny Lerew said...

It's definitely Bruce Zick.

And Steve--I just showed this to Keith Baxter who works with me here at DW, and he confirmed that Bruce Timm did indeed do this drawing-I just knew it was a self-caricature of BT! ; )

Keith's the one with the chin, btw.

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