Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comicon Snapshots

Forget the comic books, this is what I wanted from San Diego.
My time at Comicon was brief this year, so this won't be anything close to a full report on the Con. I took the train for the first time -- stressful in its own way (tip: get to the terminal early, even if you have reserved your tickets, and expect unexpected delays) but still easier than driving and wasting hours dealing with parking. My main reason for going was because I was a panelist on ASIFA-Hollywood's "State of the Animation Industry" panel, expertly moderated by Larry Loc. Despite having a panel that was too large (9 of us!), a room that was too small (it was truly SRO), and not enough time (this year it was one hour, instead of the usual 90 minutes), the panel went extremely well. The panel discussed the news (at least it was news to most people there, but not regular internet readers) that Disney was back in the hand-drawn animation biz, with Ron and John on "The Frog Princess," and the new Disney shorts program. Eric Goldberg also premiered a charming 8-minute Zen Buddhist short with three very Warner Bros.' monkeys gaining enlightenment. The only down side to the panel was that about a dozen audience members had their hands in the air for questions that we didn't have nearly enough time to answer. But then, it's always better to leave them wanting more . . . It was so impossibly crowded that I didn't even try to cover most of the convention center. I took my time and snapped a few photos whenever I saw an animator at a table. Here's "Meet the Robinsons" art director Robh Ruppel teasing me with his sold-out sketchbook. He seems to have a thing for drawing ugly women. (I hope it's clear from the photo I'm being ironic here.) Martin Ansolabehere and his way cool Kid Evil creations. Carol Berke and "Hornswiggle" creator/Cartoon Brewmaster/button collector Jerry Beck. Don't you love the way they're blurry and the fanboys in the background are in focus? I hate digital cameras. Kathy Zielinski shows off some preliminary work on her short film. The magical James Burke and his "Martin's Misdirection" comic strip goodies. Chris Sanders takes a cell-phone break. Steven Gordon taking time out for the fans. Lauren Faust, Craig McCracken, and Tom Kenny meeting their peeps. Ahhh, Hot Wheels. Does a guy ever really outgrow Hot Wheels? That's it for the photos. Sorry for their abysmal quality. If you're interested in photos of the crazy costumes, go here. Lots of pirates this year. Lots.


Kevin Koch said...

I don't know much more about Eric's short. I believe it was done for a Chinese museum, and I have no idea if there will be any way to see it besides a trip to the far East.

As for animators and drawing hot chicks -- I think we can broaden that to include most all artists through time have enjoyed drawing and painting attractive women. Even female artists seem to tend to prefer drawing attractive women. And I say, keep up the good work.

Yeah, you've got to check out the Con sometime. Just make sure you preregister -- you do NOT want to be in those lines trying to get in.

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