Thursday, July 20, 2006

Two Views on Art and Commerce

From The 1995 Screen Cartoonists Datebook, by Nik Ranieri (above) ... This cartoon, referencing everyone's favorite stone age family, shows Jeffrey Katzenberg (with a large, authoritative weapon and his favorite diet drink) supervising story artists Burny Mattinson, Ed Gombert, Tom Sito and..I'm gonna say Susanna Grant (but I'm hazy here). They're chiseling away on a storyboard and Jeffrey is there to tell them how to make it better. In the nineties he did it at Disney; today he does it at DreamWorks. ... and by Tom Sito: The cartoon celebrates... November 1, 1512: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is unveiled. After taking four-and-a-half years to paint it (two years past his deadline), Michelangelo is paid 3,000 ducats, minus the rent for his studio, materials and pay for his apprentices. Another artist makes a lousy deal for himself. "I live in Hell and paint its pictures" -- Michelangelo ...Tom puts a nice contemporary spin on the event, turning the churchmen into modern-day producers, changing (and mucking up) the long-suffering artist's work.


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