Thursday, December 04, 2008

Animated Pictures at Sony

My morning at Sony was me wandering around with my usual bag of 401(k) books. Got one taker. For some reason there's not a general eagerness to jump into the stock market just now. (Can't imagine why.)

Cloudy With Meatballs is well into production now, most of the Cloudy story artists having moved on. I went through CWM's Viz Dev and saw images of it up on different screens. Visually, the picture looks like a winner. One artist remarked:

"Story's done and works well. It's funny. Production wraps next summer. Cloudy comes out Fall of next year."

It hasn't been quick in coming. Everytime I rolled down toe Culver City, SPA employees told me how many passes they'd done on the film. Nice to know that it's come together.

Meanwhile, crew has swung over onto Hotel Transylvnia which won't be coming out in the year Wikipedia thinks it will.

(Wiki also seems to think CWM is coming out next January 15th. Uh, no.)

Add On: Across the street at the Culver Studios, the Sit Down, Shut Up writers are finishing up their first batch of scripts. End dates happen from mid-December into January, then the scribes will wait to see if Fox orders additional scripts.

Sit Down, Shut Up goes on the air early next year. The directors and board artists are working on it over in Glendale.


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