Friday, December 26, 2008

Toons at 2 and 6

A brief pause in eating too much and socializing way more than usual ....

Something that seldom happens has happened. Will Smith has been displaced by a French rodent not of the Pixar persuasion, and the White Doggie has climbed to #6 on the Box Office Top Ten:

#2 The Tale of Despereaux -- $15,037,000

#6 Bolt -- $97,538,409

It's not often that Mr. Smith starts a run in second place and then gets dropped into third by a mouse. But it seems to have happened with Seven Pounds.

Either TOD is really good or SP is kind of sucky. Maybe it's a combination of the two.


Anonymous said...

Desperaux was a surprisingly good film. I thought would just take the kids but it was really great.

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was actually quite bad! From the previews, I thought, man, this might actually be good.

But then when I saw it, it was just too busy and not cohesive and just all over the place. I never felt empathy for any of the characters, and the only reason I knew the story was about Despereaux in the first 15 minutes was because his name was in the title. The princess design looked awful from any direction other than straight on. It'll probably make more than Bolt for its opening weekend, which is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how much did "Bolt" cost to make? ballpark?


Steve Hulett said...

DEisney isn't saying, but given the short production time (8-9 months) and long development process (years), a guesstimate would range from $160-$200 million.)

Understand that it's damn near impossible to get good. clear, accurate numbers. Studios shift costs onto overhead, shift costs onto other pictures, generally want actual costs to be opaque.

Motley Fool has a pretty good analysis of Disney/Pixar costs and receipts below.

Anonymous said...

" a guesstimate would range from $160-$200 million"

Isn't it wonderful how computers have made the production process of animated features faster, better and cheaper ?

Anonymous said...

7.5 bil...maybe it's time for a Nemo 2...a quick 700 million just sitting there.

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