Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yuletide B.O.

No 'toons in the domestic Top Three as the remake of The Day the Earth Sat Quiet collects $11.5 million and lands at the crest of the Friday box office peak ...

Four Christmases hangs in at #2 with $4.2 in the kitty ...

And the vampires in Twilight suck $2.5 million out of filmgoers pockets ...

Madgascar Deux slows down in its sixth week, down near the bottom of the Big Ten with a cume of $167.5 million.

The white doggie is further up the Christmas-time ladder at #4, taking in $1.7 million for a total of $83.1 after three weeks.

Add On: No big surprises as the weekend concludes. Newbie The Day the Earth Stood Still makes $31 million against minimal frosh competition, and Bolt pockets another $7.5 mill as it nears $90 million.

Mad 2, lolling at #8, crosses the $170 million marker.


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