Saturday, December 06, 2008

Worldwide Toon B.O.

Now with extra crunchy Add Ons ...

The domestic box office pecking order hasn't changed much weekend to weekend -- although the numbers have.

Four Christmases again topped the Friday chart, collecting $5.8 million for a $58.9 million total arter ten days of release.

Twilight ended at #2, now enjoying a $130 million domestic gross.

And Bolt hangs in at the third position, making off with $2.5 million and a $72 million total.

Madagascar Deux, after close to a month of release, remains in the Top Ten at Numero eight, with a cume of $162 million.

As Variety relates, every release had big drops Friday to Friday, but that happens when everybody is back in school or the workplace, instead of sitting in theatre seats on holiday, digesting turkey.

Christmases fell 56% in its second Friday ... Twilight took second with ... a 58% decline, and Disney's Bolt slotted third with a 78% [drop].

Fox's Australia was fourth with $2.2 million off 2,721, repping a 61% decline in its second Friday, and raising its domestic B.O. to $26.1 million. MGM-Sony's Quantum of Solace charted $2.17 million off 3,423, down 74%, for a running cume of $147.1 million.

No doubt our friendly neighborhood congloms are waiting anxiously for Christmas vacation to kick in ...

Add On: The weekend wraps up with Four Christmases still on top ... with a three-day haul of $18.2 million and a grand total of $71 million.

With Twilight taking $13.2 million and a cume of $138.5 million.

And the Brave White Shepherd holding down $9.7 million while closing in on $80 million.

Australia lands in fourth with a $30,9 million total ... and Madgascar Too rakes in $5.1 million during its fifth week for a total of $165,675,000.

Add On Too! Meanwhile, the new DreamWorks amimated feature is working its magic in foreign markets:

"Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" dominated the weekend's international box office with $50.2 million at 5,129 playdates in 35 markets. Paramount's toon corralled most of its coin in a trio of socko European launches with $11 million in Germany, $9.8 million in France and $9.5 million in the U.K. "Madagascar 2" also opened solidly in Mexico with $4.2 million, in Belgium with $1.6 million, in Argentina with $1.2 million and in Austria and Peru with $1.1 million each.

The weekend pushed the foreign cume to $125 million for the sequel, which has been opening gradually over the past five frames ...

But it's not just the latest DreamWorks opus that's raking in the long green.

Paramount’s “Kung Fu Panda” and Disney’s “Wall-E” have already combined for nearly $700 million in foreign grosses so far, and Par is already well on its way to proving the power of animated pics with “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.”

With holidays approaching, the family market will offer increasing competition for “Escape,” with Disney’s “Bolt” opening in a gradual rollout. The dog toon debuted with $7.9 million at 1,417 playdates in Italy, Russia and Poland ...

With openings coming during the Dec. 5-7 frame in France, Germany and the U.K., “Escape 2 Africa” should become the dominant December entry along with Fox’s “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” which goes day and date during the Dec. 12-14 sesh ...

To date, it appears that the zoo menagerie has the edge over the white shepherd, but time will tell, won't it?


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