Monday, December 15, 2008

Then Another Ralph Hulett Christmas, part 6

© by the Estate Of Ralph Hulett. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image.

A little kid with a Christmas tree, accompanied by a little angel. The girl looks suspiciously like my younger sister at a tender age, so I wonder if this was done in '60 or '61? When she would have been two? ...

Here are more Ralph Hulett Christmas cards.


Isa Noel Joyeux said...

I'm Isa, from France. Thank you so much for sharing Ralph Hulett's Christmas cards. When I was a little girl (during the 70's), I had a Christmas book with some of his works. I loved this book so much, but I didn't know who was that man. Today, thanks to you, I found a lovely, priceless and wonderful treasure. Thank you so much. Have a nice day !
Best regards.

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