Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas Box Office

Christmas vacation b.o. begins, and the new continental animated feature, The Tale of Despereaux, lands at #3 with $3.5 million collected on a Friday afternoon and evening ...

Topside, Jim Carrey and Will Smith wrest for bragging rights regarding the Number One Weekend Flick, with Carrey's Yes Man winning total box office on Friday, but Mr. Smith and Seven Pounds enjoying a higher per screen average.

Below decks at #7, Bolt takes in $1 million to run its cume to $92 million. And Mad 2 in the 13th slot has pretty much run out its box office string after 43 days of release with a total take of $171.2 million.

Add On: The weekend turns out to be emphatically lacklustre, which the Wise Heads of Hollywood attribute to lousy weather. (Lacklustre films have nothing but nothing to do with it.)

Jim Carrey comes out #1, sitting atop a very small heap of $18.1 million. Will Smith finds that few come out to see noble self-sacrifice, and Seven Pounds collects a mer $16 million.

The Tale of Despereaux makes off with $10.5 million, a lot of it presales, but the mouse story should have an okay glide path through Christmas vacation. I'm sure Universal is well pleased.

Meanwhile, Bolt resides at seventh place, collects $4.25 million, and now has $95 million in the till. (I'm thinking it might fall short of my earlier $120 million domestic projection, but we'll see.)

And Mad 2 carves out a bit more cash, now standing tall with a domextic box office total of #172.3 million.


Anonymous said...

Bolt is holding very well. That's good to see - it's a great film.

Anonymous said...

If "doing well" means a total financial disappointment and lost. Then I say, its breaking box office numbers.

Its performing worst than Chicken Little.


Anonymous said...

Tale of Despereaux is a great little movie. Very impression and totally original visuals. Excellent surprise. I was not expecting to be so into it, but its great!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I didnt care much for Despereaux. We werent introduced to the main character until 15 minutes into the film, the narration was annoying (and the narrators scrip didnt match the tone of the film, it felt very "tacked on"), the storylines of the characters were unmotivated, etc etc. The character design of the princess was bland at best, and unappealing at worst.

Sure, it was a fine "little film" but I expected more from Framestore...especially since they are the self-proclaimed Pixar of the UK...

Anonymous said...

The renders were great and the art direction original and risky. Good job to all involved.

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