Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still Another Feature in the Animation Derby

It's always good to see Tim return to the animation arena.

I often wondered what happened to Mr. Burton after he left the Disney animation department. Just disappeared without a trace. Wonderful to see he's returning to his roots.

This flick, I'm told, comes out the Fall of next year. Here's hoping it prospers.


Cody S. said...

Isn't Tim just a producer on this film? I think the real credit goes to Shane Acker for both writing/directing the Academy Nominated short and feature-length version that's coming up.

Burton did help make a little known film called 'The Corpse Bride' for WB a few years back though. And his upcoming Alice in Wonderland film seems to be steeped in all kinds of crazy animated mediums...

Anonymous said...

The link abobe is the short that Shane produced himself. The feature is based on this short. Here's the actual trailer for the feature:


Cody S. said...

It's also up at Apple -

For non-youtube compressed image goodness.

Anonymous said...

The short is "eh" on visuals and NADA on story. Fine student film for the most part, but not quite feature material. It'll find it's very small niche market, but that's about all. The script is a total mess.

Anonymous said...

I hope the feature is better than the short, cause that made no sense and was boring as hell.

If not, then I smell a huge flopola.

p.s. Burton is doing not much more than attaching his name to this

Anonymous said...

that may be food if tim burton has nothing to do with this other than finding the funding. The last good tim burton movie was Pee wee's big adventure.

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