Monday, December 01, 2008

ASIFA announces Annie Award nominations

ASIFA-Hollywood has announced the nominations for the 36th annual Annie Awards, to be awarded January 30, 2009 at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.

Amongst theatrical features, DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda leads the field with seventeen nominations, followed by nine nominations for Disney's Bolt and eight nominations for Disney/Pixar's Wall•E. In addition to these three, the other nominees for the Best Animated Feature are Sony Pictures Classics Waltz With Bashir and Sherman Pictures/Lama Films $9.99.

Nickelodeon leads the field in television animation with twelve nominations, incluiding two nominees for Best Animated Television Production Produced for Children: Avatar:The Last Airbender and The Mighty B! Other nominees in this category include Cartoon Network Studios' Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and Underfist: Halloween Bash, and Warner Bros. Animation's A Miser Brothers Christmas. Nominees for the Best Animated Television Production are Disney Television Animation's Phineas and Ferb, Gracie Films/Fox TV/Film Roman's The Simpsons, Fox/Film Roman's King of the Hill, 20th Century Fox TV and ShadowMachine's Moral Orel and Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.

Previously announced special juried awards honoring career achievement and exceptional contributions to animation will include Winsor McCay awards to Mike Judge, John Lasseter and Nick Park for career contributions to the art of animation; the June Foray award to Bill Turner for significant and benevolent or charitable impact on the art and industry of animation; and Certificate of Merit awards to Amir Avini, Mike Fontanelli, Kathy Turner and Alex Vassilev.

A full list of nominees are available online at the Annie Awards website, along with sponsorship and ticket information. Congrats to all the nominees!


Justin said...

Bolt was nominated for 5 awards and Glago's Guest was nominated for 4. Wall•E was nominated for 7 awards and Presto was nominated for 1.

Anonymous said...

We're proud of you Jeff Gabor!

Anonymous said...

Kung Fu Panda has 17 nominations. Should make it the front runner to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar, right?

I really hope it wins. It was the best animated movie this year by far. Dreamworks really knows what it's doing, they should be the front runner next year again with Monsters vs Aliens.

This is a year of change for sure.

Jeff Massie said...

The numbers I quoted in the original post were from the ASIFA press release, which said that Bolt had nine nominations; from their list I only count five. Here's my tally of the animated feature noms:

Kung Fu Panda: 17
Wall·E: 8
Bolt: 5
Horton Hears A Who: 5
The Tale Of Despereaux: 4
Waltz With Bashir: 4
$9.99: 2
Batman Gotham Knight: 2
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa: 2
Igor: 1

Anonymous said...

Kung Fu Panda is a cute kids cartoon film. I enjoyed it, and it's nice to see Dreamworks finally make a film worth watching.

Wall-e is an outstanding motion picture, and stands heads above most all other films this year. It's one of Pixar's best, and worthy of not only a best Picture nomination, but also of a Best Animated Feature win.

Anonymous said...

I really was hoping for WALLE to be as good as its opening.

Anonymous said...

The lack of nomination of Annie Awards for Wall-E is just another confirmation that it is overrated. You didn't see Incredible getting 8 nomination. I hope Kung Fu Panda wins the Oscar. If you think Wall-E is great, obviously you work on it, or just a fan.

Anonymous said...

Dreamworks is the new animation king. Pixar is old news. Whoever thought Wall-E was great is just sipping the kool-aid. Worst movie ever, horribly unoriginal, and didn't even deserve a nomination.

I hope Dreamworks makes a Shrek Meets Po movie sometime in the future. That would absolutely kill at the box office.

Anonymous said...

Walle was overrated and just a downright boring movie. I can't believe people can even consider this as one of the best movies of the year. It wasn't even the best animated movie of the year.

The koolaid drinking is at an alltime high

caroline said...

I hope WALL-E ends up on the Best Picture Nod. If it doesn't I will not watch the oscars.

WALL-E costed 180,000,000 to make, just as much as the Dark Knight. So many people worked so hard on it. Ben Burtt did amazing sound design, Stanton wrote his most daring script, the computer graphics were realistic, Newman did a beautiful themed score (WHY DID HE NOT GET A NOD FOR BEST MUSIC AT THE ANNIES?!), etc.,etc.

I also find WALL-E to be better than Beauty and the Beast. That was a great movie, but WALL-E told the better story.

WALL-E is not one of the bloated romance films like the great, but overrated Titanic. Titanic did nothing but circled around Jack and Rose romance. There were many things going on beside WALL-E's and EVE's romance- There was a lethargic society, a polluted Earth, and machines discovering life. And WALL-E romance with EVE affected humanity.

WALL-E is certainly better than Kung Fu Panda. Kung Fu Panda only took 130 million to make. Kung Fu Panda is certainly funnier, but comedy is not enough to define a good movie. Kung Fu Panda had a excellent storyline, but it is what it is, it was only meant to make children laugh and enjoy it. Kung Fu Panda is not of the universal. Young children will love the cuteness of WALL-E, and teens and adults will love the allegorical story.

Dreamworks may be funnier, but Pixar suceeds in mixed comedy with out-of-this world storylines. Storylines matter more than comedy.

What use is an Annie Award to WALL-E? WALL-E is no animated movie, it's a romance made by animation. Saying that WALL-E is an animated movie is discriminating.
If WALL-E doesn't show up on the Best Picture category, I will never watch the Oscars again. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching that self proclaimed awards show years ago like most of the world did when they saw the constant Hollywood lemons that were being paraded around as a BEST picture. Here's a tip that can give you 5 more hours of life to do something in this world... don't watch the oscars.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch the oscars unless WALL-E and The Dark Knight will be nominated for Best Pictures. They both deserve it.

Nowadays, we have "common best pictures" at the Oscars. "Common best pictures" include movies like Atonement, No country for Old Men, etc. Common Best Pictures are great movies and worthy of their nods, but not to the point of exceptional excellence for they all have the common things you see in Best Pictures- complexity, storytelling, and, most of all, deep symbolisms, nothing riverting. Complexity and storytelling, to Oscars voters, is what overrides the fact that those movies aren't riverting.

WALL-E and Dark Knight both have symbolisms, but, unlike common Best Pictures, their symbolisms are more conspicious to where the audience can actually understand what it means at once. This is a rarity for symbolic movies, for audience these days are too narrow-minded to figure out things. Getting out the message is the most important thing in making a great movie.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but "Kung Fu Panda" is the new "Pixar."

Meaning Kung Fu Panda is the greatest movie of all time, and anybody who likes something else is just sipping the kool-aid.

Eventually, everything that makes it to the top of the mountain gets a big target on its back. It is now time for a new king and for Pixar to get its comeuppance.

Someday, they'll learn to stick with action-packed comedy films with big-name voices to help market the movie. Enough with this "story-is-king" mantra. It's old and tired.

Anonymous said...

Because you think comedy defines how good a movie is, you are one of those inconsiderate people who give no damn toward the hard effort. Sure Kung Fu Panda is great, but not to the point of impressive.

If you think comedy and actions defines a movie, it means that you are despicably disrespectful and unacceptive of reality. If you can't accept reality, then you cannot survive in this world.

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