Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Weekend Box Office Shuffle

... with life-enhancing Add Ons ... and moved to Sunday.

The new holiday box office entrants push older specimens downstream. Tale of Despereaux drops to tenth; Bolt vanishes from the Top Ten but still noses against 100 million $ ...

The newbies, in order of appearance, top to bottom:

Number one Marley and Me, which has been tracking big in the audience anticipation department, delivers for a gleeful Universal 20th Century-Fox, clocking in on Thursday with $14.6 million.

Benjie Button gathering less than rapturous reviews*, gathers $11.7 million to land at second place.

Adam Sandler packs his usual box office punch as Bedtime Stories rakes in $10.3 million ...

And Tom Cruise and Valkyrie haul off $8.4 million and the fourth position.

Tale of Despereaux, repping the animated contingent, now has a total of $18.6 million, and Bolt stands at $99.5 million (crossing the $100 million marker as I keyboard).

So the Mouse House's four-legged protganist has bested Meet the Robinsons, but will have to pull off a box office miracle to overtake Chicken Little's $145 million cume. Not gonna happen.

* Add On: This is actually sort of wrong. K. Turan at the L.A Times was underwhelmed with Benjie, but nationwide the film has done pretty well in the reviews department.

Add On Too: Friday results reveals more boodle from heaven among the Top Four:

Marley and Me is out front by a couple of lengths with a holiday total of $28.6 million.

Benjy B. stretches into a comfortable lope, snagging $22 million.

Bedtime Stories finds its way to $20.2 million.

And Valkyrie spits in der fuhrer's face as it ropes in $16.5 million.

Down in the animated categories, The Tale of Despereaux (#7) now has $21,748,000 in its haversack, while 14th place Bolt passes into triple digits with $100,623,000, and Mad 2 continues to truck along with $174,251,000 at the 20th position.

Add On the Third:New entrants finish the weekend just the way they've been finishing since last week: ValCruise follows Benjamin Pitt follows Bedtime for Adam follows Golden Retriever and Blonde People.

But forget all that. What we're interested is the animated cavalcade, so here it is:

At #48 squats Igor, with $19,442,000 in its tunic at the fifteen-week mark.

The 20th slot belongs to Mad 2 ... nailing down $174,870,000 at the end of its second month.

14th place Bolt climbs above the century mark and now chews on $102,761,000 after six weeks.

And The Tale of Despereaux in its sophomore stanza battles its way to $27,945,000.


Anonymous said...

7.5 bil

Floyd Norman said...


Anonymous said...

I still think "Bolt" is doing fine, given its competition and the lousy timing of its release. But who knows, maybe Disney thinks otherwise. Maybe it thinks "Bolt" has done badly, and that's one reason it pulled the plug on Narnia. Which sucks, BTW. Not that Disney did a particularly good job with that franchise...*sigh* You know, the more Disney pulls stuff like that, the more I miss the days of Walt...I had such hope for Iger, but he's just a spineless, visionless bean counter after all...

Anonymous said...

Huh? If Disney has pulled out from more Narnia movies, it doesn't have much to do with Bolt--it has to do with the fact that "Caspian" was a massive bomb. I would've been absolutely shocked if they intended to make another.

Ryan Summers said...

Amazing that a film that pulled in almost $420 million worldwide can be considered a massive bomb. Granted it only pulled in half of it's predecessor, but that's still a nice sum. Now that Disney has officially dropped Narnia, what are the chances Walden Media takes it to another studio?

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