Sunday, December 21, 2008

Global 'Toon Box Office

Animated features continue to do well around the world (praise be to Jeffrey K. and John L.!).

... It was "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" that topped the box office both in France and Germany, looking forward to a strong holiday run for Paramount/DreamWorks Animation.

Overall, "Mad 2" placed No. 2 at the international box office for the frame, grossing a hearty $34.3 million from 5,168 for an international cume of $173.8 million in its seventh week in release. Toon's worldwide total is a happy $343.7 million.

In France, "Escape 2 Africa" dropped 34% in its soph sesh but held top spot. Its healthy cume stands at $16.2 million with holiday biz still to come. German take for the weekend was $7.5 million for a $22 million cume in its second frame ...

"Bolt" grossed $4.9 million from far fewer playdates --1,916 runs -- for an overseas cume of $28.7 million in its third week (Disney is rolling out the family film slowly).

Disney's "Wall-E" wasn't far behind, grossing $4.6 million from 1,030 runs in its 25th week in release for a foreign cume of $277.6 million and worldwide cume of $501.4 million. Pic placed No. 6 ...

Wall-E has been a nice money-spinner for the House of Mouse. Not quite in KFP's territory, but close. It remains to be seen how Bolt performs in all the varying overseas markets. I'm guessing it does about 120-160% of the domestic take after all the tickets are sold, which would carry it to what? A $250-$320 million worldwide box office?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened but the link to the Variety article you provided is incorrect. According to this link below Mad2 was the #1 movie for the weekend overseas.

Steve Hulett said...

Hopefully works now.

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