Thursday, December 11, 2008

So ... How Many Work Where?

Down below -- while talking about the cratering economy -- I mentioned that TAG reps 2,536 employed artists, writers, and technicians. Give or take.

So where do most of these people work? ...

Here's some of the breakdown, which encompasses both staff and freelance employees. But keep in mind that these numbers are weeks old, and employers aren't always timely supplying hiring and layoff data. Employment data, as the Federal Government will no doubt tell you, is a continuously moving target ...

Sony Adelaide -- 22

Cartoon Network -- 134

Disney Animation Studios (Feature) -- 427

Disney TVA -- 172

DreamWorks Animation -- 615

Film Roman (Starz Media) -- 321

Fox Animation -- 157

IM Digital -- 179

Imagi Studios -- 66

Rough Draft -- 33

Sabella-Derm -- 34

Sony Pictures Animation -- 40

Universal Cartoon Studios -- 47

Warners TV Animation -- 79

These numbers will be different in a month. (They're different now. For example, this very week, one large studio abruptly cut thirty staffers loose. Yeowch.)

The only constant in the employment universe is change. And not always for the better.


Anonymous said...

which large studio did the most recent cutback?

Anonymous said...

I think Hulett is talking about Disney Feature.

People I know there say thirty staffers got let go a day or two ago.

Most others are going on a 45 hour week (no raises for extra hours unless people working at scale).

That's what I hear.

Anonymous said...

What about Nickelodeon?

Anonymous said...

Nick is bopping along pretty good. One of the few tv animation studios that is.

Disney TVA? Warner Bros Animation? Universal Cartoon Studio?


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