Friday, June 24, 2011

$300 Million Club

Kung Fu Panda Too hasn't been a chartbuster stateside, but overseas it's galloping along quite nicely.

... Through Thursday, the 3D toon’s foreign cume was $305 million. ...

Domestically, the panda is at $148 million, which means there's $443 million in the tote bag on a worldwide basis.


Anonymous said...

KungFoo panda 2 is as bad as the first one. Trite, unoriginal, and rather shallow.

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous. The original Kung Fu Panda is among the best CG animation put out by Dreamworks or anyone else . The sequel is ok. It's a sequel. What do you expect ?

Glad that KFP 2 is doing well overseas. Go Dreamworks !

The opposite of how Winnie the Pooh (* ahem *) is doing at the foreign box-office . Has anyone noticed that Pooh has only made $6,400,000 in the foreign release to date. (in Europe, and some Latin American markets).

Maybe I'm jumping the gun to bring up Pooh now, but that disappointing foreign box-office take , along with the fact that I'm seeing hardly any adverts for Pooh in the States leading up to it's rapidly approaching July 15 release date , along with the fact that they are opening Pooh the same weekend as Harry Potter , well ... if someone high up at Disney Corp. didn't intentionally make the decision to kill-off the last chances of hand-drawn animation surviving at Disney then they might as well have ...

So, having virtually ensured the lacklustre box-office performance of Pooh , it will be used as one more nail (the last nail ?) in the coffin of hand-drawn animation at Disney.

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