Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moore ladies from the MegaCollector

Below the fold, a newly acquired original from the MegaCollection ... a further sample of Fred Moore's work that would never have appeared in a Disney movie.

Click on the image for a larger version.


Anonymous said...

I would give my left nut to draw as well as Fred Moore did.

Anonymous said...

"a further sample of Fred Moore's work that would never have appeared in a Disney movie."

Would ANY movie have had full-frontal nudity at that time? Even the "pre-code" movies were mostly smoke and mirrors for nudity.

Mike Yamada said...

Where does one acquire older animation art? I've only seen things at van eaton, but is that it?

Anonymous said...

The original animation of the Moore-designed female centaurs from Fantasia had them drawn nude from the waist up. (well, nude from the waist down, too, but I guess the horse parts didn't bother the Hays Office!)

Photo of Ollie Johnston flipping his original animation drawings of a "centaurette" from Fantasia

Anonymous said...

Regarding where to get the originals: there used to be a lot of dealers, but the bottom fell out of the market a few years ago. If you go to a place like San Diego Comicon you'll see a lot of animation art. There are also a fair number of dealers who work through the internet. Howard Lowry is one of the best of these. Just do your homework. A lot of what gets sold on eBay, and even in some shops, are forgeries or are misrepresented work (like a Tinkerbell cel from a TV spot being represented as coming from Peter Pan. And there are a lot of animation drawings that were done by assistants and later signed by prominent animators, even though it wasn't their actual drawing.

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