Friday, June 03, 2011

TAG Podcast Update

I'm slowly moving back up to speed with the Guild interviews ...

The next one goes up early next week. (We just completed it this afternoon.)

As I've mentioned previously, by and large we don't do much in the way of editing. We just clip a forty-second introduction by Yours Truly onto the front, and let whatever went down go down. It makes a sixty or ninety-minute talkathon just a teeny bit raggedy, but we believe it adds charm and verisimilitude to just hear the conversation "as is."

Okay, verisimilitude.

Occasionally somebody's cell phone goes off and I stop recording. Occasionally I lurch up out of my chair to see if the recording levels are all right, if the recorder is still ON. This tends to bring the interview to a temporary halt.

Lastly. People have said to us: "When were the interviews recorded? Why don't you give the date of the interview while it's going?"

You'll be pleased to know I have started doing the month, cay and year thing at the start of each interview. (Pity I didn't think of it earlier, without being prodded.) To give you an idea of the recording dates of the earliest interviews, please know that the podcasts began in early November of 2010, and each got posted soon after being completed. With the exception of Dan Haskett's interview, they all went up in chronological order.

Maybe we'll go back and insert dates on the undated specimens, if it isn't too big a pain.


Anonymous said...

The interviews are wonderful!

Oliver said...

Looking forward to more interviews.

Also, this may be an odd request since I know he follows this blog quite a bit but, any chance of setting up an interview with mr. Floyd Norman? Be great to hear more about the "old days" through his viewpoint and experiences. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please--no. There are FAR more interesting people to interview.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Floyd?
I'd LOVE to hear his stories from the olden days of Sleeping Beauty......the real stories!!

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