Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Nifty Fifty

Actually more than that. But who's counting?

Turns out 50’s too few a number to list all the Disney animators past and present that inspire me. A studio with such rich history, promising future, excellent artistry, and most of all very talented, sincere artists is very hard to narrow down to just 50 animators who make it all happen. So here I’m going to tell you some about a few of my inspirations and heroes whose work I greatly admire and encourage you all to study.

The above was written by Mr. Grayson Ponti.

He's got a new blog. Mr. Ponti happens to be a young man in Florida who has, between his studies, either a lot of spare time on his hands or a serious insomnia problem. Whatever it is, he's carved out a few hours to research Disney animators and put them up on a blog, which we're plugging here.

We told him we would give him a plug, which we are doing here. In return, he's giving us suggestions for podcasts:

... My gears have been moving about who would be great to come on your podcast so I thought I'd give you a few suggestions as to who I think would be great. Maybe try to do a few of the Disney animators who we don't hear talk that much: Russ Edmonds, Alex Kupershmidt, Mike Surrey, Mike Cedeno, Tony Fucile, Chirs Wahl, and T. Dan Hofstedt would all be solid picks in my mind. I'd also like to see a few more story artists on there ...

Some of these we might get around to, sooner or later. In the meantime, take a look at Grayson's blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A high schooler?? Good for him - I'm sure we'll be seeing him somewhere in the industry.

zoograyson said...

Thank you very much. Yes I'm 16 and plan on breaking into the business. Glad you liked the site and thanks again for the prediction.
Steve- It's a bit confusing but the countdown only includes 50 and I'm working my way up to the 50 most spot. I just put in a few honorable mentions to give some good folks credit. And no I don;t have a sleeping problem I usually spend 4-6 days researching for each post as well as look at notes from my past studies.

Steve Hulett said...

Good to know.

(The insomnia crack was a joke.)

Floyd Norman said...

Great work, Grayson. I can't get any work done because I start reading and - darn it! - I can't stop.

Thanks again for your dedication and hard work.

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