Sunday, June 05, 2011

Overseas Competition

It's not just an American rumpus room anymore (as if it ever was.) ...

Variety details how cartoon makers from beyond the seas are sniffing around the U.S. market.

(Variety link here.)


Anonymous said...

why? Why would you put in a link 95% of people can't get to because they don't subscribe to variety?

Anonymous said...

It is one way to weed out the pros from the fanboys

Anonymous said...

"It is one way to weed out the pros from the fanboys "

What a great idea , Anonymous (Sunday, June 05, 2011 10:53:00 PM).

Fanboys go back to AICN.

Steve Hulett said...

A hundred pardons.

I got through to the link, and didn't stop to think that others couldn't.

A word about VARIETY. They don't want to be quoted at any length on line, (hence I don't ... most of the time.) They want permission sought for even a one-sentence quote that goes with any link.

I get the deal about the proprietary, copyrighted material they strive to protect, and that old-line publications are struggling in this digital, interconnected age, and we will of course abide by their rules. But they are definitely more difficult to deal with since their content went up behind a subscription wall. (We've gotten brusque and business-like phone calls from the mag when we've quoted and linked without saying "pretty please?" first.)

If it hadn't been late on a Sunday, and I had been thinking more clearly, I wouldn't have bothered putting the post up re Variety's article in the first place. In any event, most of the material in it is pretty common knowledge here in the animation biz.

So again, sorry if people are irritated. Wasn't my intent.

Justin said...

Just hit the escape button before the page finishes loading.

Anonymous said...

I got through to the linked article in one click , no problem.

Favorite quote from the article:

"In France, this approach is the exception rather than the rule, with the industry designed to support personal, auteur visions over broad-appeal commercial fare. As one industry pro confided at Cannes, "The French are crazy. They want to do a children's film with a little girl naked drinking wine."

Chris Sobieniak said...

Doesn't surprise me at all.

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