Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Fall Elections at the WGAw

According to the Reporter, President Wells of the WGA (west) won't be around after September:

Writer-producer John Wells ... is not seeking another term, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Sources say that one candidate for the two-year position is expected to be past president Patrick Verrone and that board member Christopher Keyser was asked by the nominating committee to run and is considering doing so.

... The official selection of nominated candidates occurs at a guild board meeting a week from Monday. ...

This isn't a surprise. Mr. Wells is a busy, busy man and being involved with running a Hollywood union is a time-consuming job. And often thankless.

The trade paper says that Patric Verrone, one of the guild's past presidents, will again be a nominee for the WGA's top elective post. If Mr. Verrone becomes President, I would expect the WGAw to take a more aggressive stance in future contract talks, also get more active organizing animation writers.

So the next three years could be interesting. For both the movie and television industry, and us.


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