Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pixar Rules Overseas

... as Kung Fu Panda 2 gets knocked from the top slot.

Pixar/Disney’s Cars 2 in 3D posted a swift No. 1 opening lap on the foreign theatrical circuit, beating comparable overseas debuts of previous Pixar outings. ... Biggest Cars 2 markets were Russia ($9.3 million), Mexico ($8.1 million), Brazil ($7.6 million), Italy ($5.7 million) and Australia ($5.2 million). Disney said that the opening three-day gross total worldwide came to $110.9 million. ...

And the other feature de animation out in the market place?

... Kung Fu Panda 2 dropped to No. 2 this time after a $37 million weekend overall at 10,006 locations in 56 markets. Panda 2 had been the No. 1 foreign box office champ for the previous two stanzas. Cume for the 3D animation title (released by Paramount) comes to $340 million since its overseas debut on May 26. Its No. 2 (after Cars 2) Australia premier drew $4.8 million from 259 spots. ...

So, despite less than stellar reviews, Disney's Emeryville studio is off to a roaring start with its newest release.


Anonymous said...

What a shitty movie cars 2 is, would have rather they made that Newt movie.

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