Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cat Escapes Bag?

Mr. Hanks talks.

Tom Hanks (and voice of Woody) was asked by a BBC interviewer if there would be a new movie in the series.

“I think there will be, yeah,” Hanks replied. “I think they’re working on it now.” ...

Big surprise.

21st century Hollywood travels on Big Box Office. Produce a movie about giant robots that makes a bundle, go make another one. Green ogres do business, you create more tales with green ogre.

Nobody but nobody walks away from features generating 800 million or a billion dollars in box office receipts. Shrek might be over (for the moment) but the spin-offs whirl onward. Toy Story 3 made $1,063,171,911 during its theatrical incarnation. You think Richard Ross will let Emeryville call it a day with Woody and Buzz? Like hell he will. He'll be memoing and phoning and enticing Pixar management until Ed Catmull goes into screaming fits and the next installment gets itself made. (Iger will make tearful pleas.)

So, yeah. They're probably going to make ... or are making already, Toy Story 4. Unless, of course, Tom Hanks is just blowing smoke.

And Tom Hanks wouldn't do that, would he?


MC said...

Please, Lord, no.

Anonymous said...

Here's the video with the Tom Hanks interview in question:


Go to the 2:46 mark.

Also, do you remember this report from a year ago? It kinda makes sense now.

Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, is under contract to reprise his role as the heroic spaceman in Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 4," 'The Wrap' has learned from individuals familiar with the "Home Improvement" actor's contract.

Allen's commitment to a fourth film doesn't necessarily mean that Pixar has plans to put another feature-length sequel into production. And it's certainly possible that Allen and others signed on for multiple films some time ago.

But the existence of Allen's contract does indicate that Disney and Pixar brass are thinking about the possibility of extending the franchise.

Disney and Pixar have already announced that the "Toy Story" characters will appear in a short film in front of "Cars 2," which opens June 24, 2011. But the people familiar with Allen's contract say it makes clear that he's signed on for a fourth feature-length "Toy Story" film.


Anonymous said...

There also rumours for a "Cars 3":

Q: I know you can’t say whether it’s happening or not, but are you hoping for a Cars 3?

A: Oh yeah, totally. And probab... [doesn’t finish the word] You know, yeah.

Just because it’s such a fun franchise. And as long as we’re still sellin’ the merchandise, and as long as people are going to see the movies, and people are buying [Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales]... we’re going to do more ‘Mater Tales’. We’re doing more of those. And hopefully we’ll see a Cars 3 and hopefully it’s not going to be six years from now. Hopefully we’ll cut that in half and hopefully they’ll start working on a Cars 3 in a couple of years.


Anonymous said...

Also, what a lot of people joked about regarding the spin-off "Planes", is actually happening:

The DisneyToon animation studio, which makes direct-to-DVD films, is at work on a "Cars" spinoff, "Planes," due for release in 2013.

Mr. Lasseter, who also oversees DisneyToon, said that if "Planes" is successful, he may build additional titles around boats, trains and other vehicles.

"It's a bigger idea that can be expanded," he said.


Anonymous said...

More jobs people, more jobs. Stop being such ...

Anonymous said...

Decades of endless products to consume and throw out?

Shoot me now.

Anonymous said...


TS3 was the perfect way to end the franchise. We watched Andy grow up, we saw the toys go through hell to stay together, and in the end they escape the fate of so many real toys and get to spend another childhood being Bonnie's special friends. What else can they do with these characters that won't be a retread of the trilogy? Maybe Hanks meant that Pixar's going to make more TS shorts, or a spinoff movie.

Anonymous said...






Mopeds ...

And no women directors.

Anonymous said...

And Pixar is arguably the most successful animation studio of all time.


(braces for impact)

Anonymous said...

I confess, didn't know who Rich Ross is. He looked like the kid from left field, but now he looks like another "pump it and dump it" Wall Street viper.

Anonymous said...

Keep making them until we hate *all* the characters like in Shrek.

Anonymous said...

If DisneyToon is doing the direct to DVD work, what is Pixar Canada's function? My understanding is that they will do shorts based on the existing franchises but now I'm confused. Just curious if anyone knows?

Anonymous said...

I think that all they do is shorts, commercials, and anmation for Disney theme parks.

Anonymous said...

PIxar is such a hypocrite. First they bash Disney for making cheapquals to Aladdin, Cinderella, Mulan, etc... And now they make the horrible Cars 2, and the direct to video Planes.

Hey Pixar, I have an idea for you:

"Finding Nemo 2: Nemo Get Lost Again."

(And no Incredibles 2... the only Pixar begging for a sequel.)

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