Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Volunteer for the City of Hope picnic this Saturday

Once again, the City Of Hope Pediatric Picnic will be taking place on Saturday, June 4 at the LA Live Steamers in Griffith Park from 10 am to 4 pm. This year's theme is "Sci-Fi Adventure" and once again, they need approximately thirty cartoonists to draw complimentary sketches for their young cancer patients and their families. Drawing materials for the event, yummy food and tons of appreciation will be supplied to you.

We've had a great turnout the last few years and the City Of Hope folks are hoping that Los Angeles' cartoonist community is once again up to volunteering for this worthwhile event. We'll need your name and contact information in advance for you to participate.

To sign up, please email Jim MacQuarrie or call him at 626-497-2038.


Scott Shaw!


Scott said...

Thanks for posting this, Jeff.

So far, we have only a dozen volunteer cartoonists and need another twenty people or so. Please help, folks; I guarantee that you'll enjoy the experience.


Jim Mortensen said...

The last City of Hope picnic was a blast. I'm looking forward to doing this one. :)

Scott Shaw! said...

!'m pleased to announce that we've finally got enough volunteers to handle the crowds at the COH picnic. Thanks, everyone!

Scott Shaw! said...

Mega-thanks to all the cartoonists who showed up for yesterday's City Of Hope picnic in Griffith Park. Everyone worked like crazy -- I tried to keep track of my output and think I did nearly 100 sketches -- and the picnic attendees, many of them kids with cancer, seemed to enjoy our contributions. Thanks again to all of you who participated!

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