Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Animated Beasts

At the height of the nineties animation boom, it wasn't close to being like this.

The Dark Horse comic "Beasts of Burden" is heading to the big-screen with "Shrek" and "Narnia" director Andrew Adamson leading the charge.

Adamson will serve as a producer of what is intended to be a computer-animated feature adaptation of the comic. ...

The reason every movie production company and its subisdiaries are getting into the animated feature business is because it appears to be a lucrative kind of enterprise.


Anonymous said...

Horrible "comic" with bad writing and WORSE "art."

Anonymous said...

I misread the title as 'Animated Breasts' and thought you were going to talk about anime.

Anonymous said...

No. This is bad, but not as bad as japanese cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I'm always baffled why, when there is an announcement on this blog about a production like this one, there is no mention of where the production will be done.

even if it's a non-guild studio, I would think many readers would be interested to know as early as possible where future animation work might be found..

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