Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Box Office Across the Seas

The zoo animals might have been knocked off the high perch stateside, but they cling to the top rung beyond the Atlantic and Pacific.

... The foreign theatrical circuit logged a lackluster session with Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted hanging on to its No. 1 ranking for the third consecutive stanza, drawing $30.1 million from 11,250 locations in 44 territories. ...

And the other animated title?

Pixar’s Brave made its debut overseas, generating $13.5 million in its premier launch in 10 markets, which distributor Disney describes as “17 percent of the international market.” ...

So let's review: In the U.S. of A., animated features are #1 and #2 on the Ten Biggies, List, while everywhere else they run #1 and #3 in reverse order.

Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Bring on the Dazzler and Power Pack cartoons!

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