Friday, June 15, 2012

Jam Up

Why the crush of animated features in June and July? ...

... One animated creative exec notes that studios wanted to stay out of the way of May tentpoles The Avengers and Men in Black 3, both of which played to families. In 2010, there also were three animated tentpoles, but the first, Shrek Forever After, rolled out in May, a month before the next title unfurled. ...

I think there's a simple explanation for the cluster of film within weeks of each other: Each studio thinks their title will do fine, no matter what the competition is. (And they have to release them sometime over the summer, so why not early rather than late?)

DreamWorks Animation launched its franchise tent pole last week without a hitch. And Mad 3 looks as though it will repeat as Top Dog in its second weekend.

Pixar films always open, and Brave will likely do well, even though reviews have been less than stellar.

Ice Age, last of the trio to be released, has a huge global following and so is as close to being bullet proof as an animated feature can get. Plus it's got lovable fuzzy animals, and who doesn't like those?

My guess: The two animal movies outperform the Pixar princess picture.


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