Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Female Action Stars

In animation land, they have been few and far between. But of late there are a few: Rapunzel, the red-headed Merida, and in television?

... Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko's Avatar mythology is akin to the Harry Potter series, beginning with Airbender, a kid-friendly hero's journey peppered with action, fleshed out characters, and a heap of emotion, and growing up with the audience into The Legend of Korra. Whereas Airbender felt like a Lord of the Rings for all ages, Korra scales down the scope, while upping the consequences, dropping us into a world seventy years in the future that's on the brink of an Industrial Revolution.

Walking through Nickelodeon, I've watched Korra getting developed as the successor of Avatar, and how passionate the creators are about their project.

... [D]irectors Joaquim Dos Santos and Ki Hyun Ryu push the series into greatness with action filmmaking that's on par with any of this year's summer blockbusters. Mixing martial arts fights with expertly designed chase sequences and large scale battle scenes, the directing duo leave no opportunity untapped. When you have element-bending at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. ...

Always good to see female leads ...


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