Monday, June 04, 2012

Mega Collector's John W. Dunn

Mr. John W. Dunn was born in Scotland in 1919, and breathed his last in California's San Fernando Valley in 1983. In between those dates he created hundreds of storyboards, wrote many, many cartoon shorts, and drew some wild stuff. To quote Ward Kimball:
“You would ask [Dunn] to do a page full of crazy-looking dogs and it was very hard to pick the craziest.”

Mr. Dunn clearly had his own way of doing things, and did them well enough to garner a sizable following three decades after his death. So he clearly had that special something .

A chunk of Mr. Dunn's early career was spent in Ward Kimball's television unit, where he was involved in designing this ...

And this ...


Chris Sobieniak said...

Dunn certainly had a peculiar way of drawing the character.

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