Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"Wreck-It Ralph" and the Mouse House

I tottered over to the hat building yesterday, where most employees are turning and burning on the project named (and seen) above ...

Like for instance, the entire layout department is on WIR at the moment, with one lonely artist on Frozen. (First things first, I say.) And the crew is pretty much psyched about the picture. An artist pointed out to me:

The production just released art work that shows other game characters that have cameos in WIR, way in the background there. The company lawyers could have just had us do parodies of other characters, but they went and got the rights to use actual personalities from other video games. ...

The other topic that came up was the TAG negotiations. Even though most everyone inside the hat building is under a different IATSE agreement (although repped by the Animation Guild), several were at the meeting last week and want to keep abreast of developments. I told them we plunge into the festivities again next week.


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