Friday, June 29, 2012

Overseas Lift Off

You get the impression animated features might be on a roll?

Twentieth Century Fox's Ice Age: Continental Drift is off to a great start at the international box office, where it has earned $11 million in only two days from 12 markets, including strong performances across Latin America and in France.

The fourth installment in the family franchise secured the the second-highest opening day for an animated film in France ($4.5 million), Colombia, Argentina and Chile and the second-highest opening day for a Fox animated title in Mexico ($1.6 million) and Central America. ...

There have been three releases of high-profile features within the past month, and three big openings.

If animation creators aren't careful, they'll soon have studio chieftans believing that long-form cartoons are a wide, well-lit highway to corporate riches. (Personally, I think we are there already.)

Where this leaves live-action filmmakers in coming years I do not know. But the landscape is changing; feature directors working in animation are accorded more respect than they were a few decades ago. Nothing alters corporate mind-sets like big box office.


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