Sunday, April 28, 2013

Box Office In Foreign Lands

Where the Cave Family yet thrives.

The Croods took in $13.1 million for the weekend from 67 markets, pushing its foreign total to $308 million and worldwide cume to $471 million. The 3D toon has earned $18 million in China. ...

Meantime, Marvel's Ironman 3 had a blowout weekend with $185.1 million flowing into the box office, while Oblivion has now earned $134,1 million.

Animation's Worldwide Grosses

Wreck-It Ralph -- (foreign: $281,800,00) $471,176,830

The Croods -- (foreign: $308,000,000) $471,025,000

Frankenweenie -- (foreign: $31,800,000) $67,091,068

Rise of Guardians -- (foreign: $200,300,000) $303,712,758

Note that The Croods (6 weeks of release) and Wreck-It Ralph (25 weeks of release) now run neck-and-neck at the worldwide box office. Just one more example of how American-themed animated features perform less strongly in foreign venues.


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