Sunday, April 28, 2013

The New Disney Short

Who Done It?

... There's a real air of mystery surrounding this animated short. The fact that it's done in black-and-white, features rubber-hose, pie-eyed versions of classic Disney characters and has Walt himself providing Mickey's speaking voice suggests that this is something that Disney has dug out of its vault. And yet still others at the studio are suggesting that "Get A Horse!" might actually be an entirely different sort of animal. ...

I'm surprised to see all the speculation about the "new Disney short." I mean it's either new or it's not. (Does it matter?)

Warner Bros. Animation made new shorts with old soundtracks ("I Thought I Saw a Puddy Tat" or however the song title is spelled). So Disney could do something new with Walt's voice, yes? (Not, mind you, that Diz Co. actually is.)

As to whether this ""Get a Horse" picture is new work? I keep my yap buttoned.


Mesterius said...

Right, so "Get A Horse" is new work then. ;)

AnooB said...

David and Goliath Flash Animation

Anonymous said...

Will WDAS make more hand-drawn shorts or is this a one-time thing?

Steve Hulett said...

They have made them in the past, they will likely make some in the future.

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