Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Acquision!

Not by Disney, but that other cartoon studio in neighboring Glendale.

DreamWorks Animation is in talks to acquire a YouTube network for teens and tweens, in a move that would expand the studio's presence on new media platforms, two people familiar with the matter confirmed.

The studio is negotiating to buy AwesomenessTV, a Nickelodeon-styled online network that has attracted nearly 500,000 subscribers with its mixture of original Web content including sketch comedies, game shows, sports programs, music and lifestyle shows. ...

Perhaps the calculation here is that cable networks and internet channels will be melding together in the near future, and so buying branded delivery systems is important. When the little box next to your wall-mounted flat-screen pulls in internet content as easily as HBO of the Disney Channel, it'a all going to be one big blob of entertainment, so get a NAME.

Then there's the realty that DWA doesn't have the jack to buy itself an ESPN, so it's got to be creative and forward-looking ... out of necessity. (And I would think that's the maneuver that it's executing here.)


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