Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So I Called Warner Bros. Animation ...

... and inquired after Bruce Timm. (Like, is he still working there?) Here is my conversation with a studio-type person in a position to know, from like fifteen minutes ago:

Me: So, does Bruce Timm still have an office there?

Studio Person: Sure does.

Me: And ... he's still coming in?

SP: Yes, still coming in.

Me: So he hasn't said anything about leaving?

SP: Not a word. He comes into work and does the same stuff he's always done. Same stuff, every day. You're the second person today to call me about this. Maybe I should have a talk with Bruce.

Me: Maybe you should. Because I'm reading all this crap on the internet that he's leaving, stuff on the fan sites. And I begin to wonder. He called me the beginning of March and didn't mention a thing about it.

SP: Well, he hasn't indicated anything is different. Or that he's going anywhere. Maybe you should stop reading the fan sites.

Me: Yeah. Maybe I should. ...


So here's my deal. I don't have any semblance of a clue whether Mr. Timm is staying at Warners, or exiting Warners. Or going off to weave baskets or set up shop at Marvel Animation or jump on an interstellar craft to make a fast circuit around Mars.

But if I find anything out, (and I'm not sworn to secrecy), I will certainly let you know.


T M said...

Isn't Mr. Timm a member of the guild? If so, can't you ask him directly? And frankly, is it any of our business? People come and go all the time, especially creative people.

Whether he stays or he goes, I wish him success.

Steve Hulett said...

Why I called him up. But he wasn't in his office.

We DID speak a month ago. At the time, all was serene and I didn't ask him about a career change. (No reason to.)

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