Thursday, April 04, 2013

Race of the Subsidies! Part V!

Britain finalizes legislation for more corporate socialism.

The much-anticipated new tax break for the UK animation industry finally went into effect on April 1, bringing with it a renewed sense of optimism for increased UK-based production, as well as international co-production and local training opportunities.

“The tax break will create opportunities for people outside the UK to bring their projects to us to animate, it will help UK producers of original IP make an impact around the world, and the training fund will bring huge opportunities for people who maybe didn’t think there were jobs for them a couple of years ago,” says Oli Hyatt, chair of Animation U.K..

“Next year could be a huge year for UK animation.” ...

Even as the Cameron government cuts spending and lowers taxes, it finds room for some entertainment subsidies.

Kind of a worldwide trend. Give our fine, entertainment conglomerates big sacks of money, and they will gladly take them. But the minute the loot stop coming, they will be outta there.


Celshader said...

I miss the old days, when conglomerates merely relied on product placement and sponsors for funding.

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