Monday, April 29, 2013

Volunteer for the City Of Hope's Pediatric Picnic

Scott Shaw! asks for our help:

Once again, I'm looking for professional cartoonists to volunteer for an extremely worthwhile charity event, the 16th Annual Pediatric Picnic for the City Of Hope on Saturday, June 1, from 10 pm to 4 pm in Duarte, California. We will be drawing cartoons for the young cancer patients of the City of Hope Hospital and their families.

We'll need at least thirty volunteers to handle the somewhat grueling demand of drawing requests for children who ask for sketches of everything from Hello Kitty to Wolverine, in every style from classic Disney to dynamic superheroes to manga and animé. Therefore, we need experienced professional cartoonists who are kid-friendly, patient and creatively flexible. Drawing supplies and food will be provided. You'll be working hard for six hours (with bathroom breaks, of course) but I guarantee that you'll have a great time drawing for an appreciative audience of sick kids who can really use a little fun to brighten up their lives. This event is for these young patients and their families only so it's required that you leave your families at home.

The City of Hope is celebrating its 100th year Centennial Anniversary and we want to help us make this year's Pediatric Picnic a memorable one! If you're interested in joining us, please send me a message asap that includes your professional background and email. Thanks!

Scott Shaw!


John Hurney said...

My son fought, and won, his four year battle with cancer. At one of the picnics one of the artists drew him a batman picture. He is 9 and has been out of chemo for three years... that picture is one of his favorite possessions. You may not know how much these drawings mean to these kids-- they mean a great deal. On behalf of one of the parents... thank you for your time and the encouragement it gives our kids! Your drawings are more then markers and paper... they are vital medicine these children really need.

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