Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So ... we could be wrong?!.

A Fox spokesperson has denied a report from an animation blog that the animated series from Seth MacFarlane had been canceled.

After a report on The Animation Guild's Tag Blog reported that Cleveland had been canceled, a network representative reaffirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the future of the series has not yet been determined. "Only Fox can dictate whether a show has been canceled," the network told THR. ...

But funny thing. When I walk around at the Fox Animation Studios on Wilshire Boulevard (a stone's throw from the La Brea tar pits), artists to the right and left say:

"Cleveland is over. Nobody's down there in the space. Just about everybody has been laid off." ... "Crew's onto other things, it ain't coming back." ... (etc.)

But who knows? Maybe the staff is wrong. Or lying to me for sport. Or misinformed. On the other hand, maybe all those Fox employees are accurate, and Fox News Corp. is toying with all of us.

We report ... YOU DECIDE.


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