Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Payment Problems

Not too long ago, TAG had an issue with one of our fine, signator studios over non-payment for moneys owed. (It was resolved after months of pulling and pushing.) Apparently another guild also has issues.

The Writers Guild of America West has demanded a $3 million bond from Nickelodeon because of “chronically late residuals payment and inadequate reporting practices.” In a March 8 dated letter I have obtained, the WGA West tells the Viacom-owned network that if the multi-million dollar bond is not posted by March 25, the guild could take further action. That action could include instructing “writers to withhold their services from any signatory Company for which Nickelodeon is the residuals payer.” ...

You can file grievances ... you can go to court ... you can withhold services.

One way of the other, you have to find some leverage and set about using it. Otherwise, the stone-walling goes on and on.


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