Friday, April 19, 2013

Viacom's Loss

... is Google's gain as the entertainment giant's lawsuit against YouTube goes down in flames. Again.

Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit claiming that YouTube is legally liable for hosting copyright-infringing work was dealt a death blow Thursday, when a judge issued a summary judgment in favor of the online video portal.

"The burden of showing that YouTube knew or was aware of the specific infringements of the works in suit cannot be shifted to YouTube to disprove," U.S District Judge Louis Stanton said in his ruling from New York. ...

Our fine, entertainment conglomerates will have to figure out new methods to maximize proifts in the digital age. Because the old distribution models really don't work in the same ways anymore.

And Older Media doesn't have the leverage to get its way in congress the way it once did. Google and others have as much or more power, so Viacom, Time-Warner, Diz Co. and the rest will have to navigate the new realities of the entertainment marketplace.

Technology marches on.


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