Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hardly surprising.

A former employee of the Oscar-winning Hollywood visual effects studio behind "Life of Pi" sued the bankrupt company Monday, claiming he and others are owed two months' worth of unpaid compensation after being laid off.

Visual effects artist Thomas C. Capizzi filed his adversarial class action against Rhythm & Hues Inc. in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, claiming he is not only owed for at least the one month the firm allegedly didn’t pay him, but for an additional 30 days...

Good luck squeezing blood from a stone.

Mr. Capizzi would be better off suing the fine conglomerate who profited from the movie, except that isn't too feasible. Rhythm & Hues -- film's subcontractor -- was his employer, so the employer (which now has minimal money) is the one that must be gone after.

(If I had been asked, I would have advised Thomas C. and anyone else seated at work stations without benefit of wages to get up and quietly but forcefully walk out. If you're working for free, you might as well be home doing your own projects. There's the same amount of money, but a lot more satisfaction.)


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