Thursday, April 18, 2013

On the Disney Cut-Backs

Now with honey-baked Add On.

It's widely known that some long-time Disney animation employees are being let go from the hat building, but lots of other departments on the Disney lot are also being impacted.

As of June 9, 114 employees will be laid off. They occupy a wide range of company positions, including Sr. Vice-Presidents and run-of-the-mill Vice Presidents, coordinators, directors, IT personnell, administrators, managers and lots of categories in between ...

The Mouse seems to be sweeping with a big broom. I guess Diz Co. has to pay for those billion-dollar acquisitions some way.

This looks like a sizable down payment.

Add On: I spent part of my morning inside the hat building. Overtime on Frozen is ramping up, and procedures are being altered for its authorization.

It seems that during the last picture, overtime authorization was hard to come by. Only a chosen few had the power to authorize o.t., and orders had been given that authorization had to be given prior overtime's commencement. Problem was that sometimes the official authorizing person couldn't be located.

So now, to avoid this horrid bottle-neck, more people with the power to grant overtime will be in place. (Sounds like a plan to me.)

Regarding the Disney layoffs cited above, a WDAS staffer related that a corporate Veep, when being told that his services were no longer required, had his company car and car keys taken away and was sent home in a cab.

Sounds a wee bit like hyperbole to me. But if true, remarkably cold, wouldn't you say?


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