Monday, July 15, 2013

A big night at Gallery 839

Bliss, by Bao Nguyen. Framed oil on canvas, 24" by 18", $1,500; unframed limited edition giclee prints on archival watercolor paper, $50.

Congrats to PAT KOCHAKJI, PETE MICHELS and BAO NGUYEN, whose Gallery 839 group show opening on Friday was a huge success.

Umber Root, Amber Root, Golden Root* and Silver Root by Patrick Kochakji, Framed oil, on panel, 6" by 6", $250 each.

The show attracted a huge crowd that hung around from the 6 pm start until almost midnight. And the artists sold $5,000 worth of their artwork! The show is up until August 31.

Summer Umbrella by Pete Michels. Not for sale.

If you're a Guild member (or part of a group that includes at least one Guild member), and you're interested in scheduling a Gallery 839 show, contact Jeff Massie by e-mail or by phone at (818) 845-7500. (Understand that the gallery is booked almost a year in advance)

* sold


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