Saturday, July 13, 2013

Who Needs Canada?

New York gives significant subsidies, which is why Buffalo is working to be a go-to place for VFX.

... Empire Visual Effects, which will partner with Daemen College, projects 150 new high-tech jobs in the next five years while carving a new niche industry in Buffalo. ...

Aside from the $4.5 million from the state, New York’s aggressive tax-credit program will also provide the film industry as much as a 45 percent tax credit on labor costs.

In addition, Empire Visual Effects might qualify for the new START-UP NY program, which provides tax-free zones for start-up companies located on or near college campuses. ...

Up-state New York isn't exactly a visual effects hub at the present time, so we'll see how long it takes to build a talent pool, even with all the government tax breaks and rebates. (That wind and snow off the lake can be less than invigorating. And maybe not super enticing to a twenty-three year-old looking to launch her CG career.)

Targeting subsidies in foreign lands for import tariffs could be a useful strategy, but how do you target states inside the country who grant tax breaks and subsidies? Hard to do import tariffs on them.


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