Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pat Kochakji, Pete Michels and Bao Nguyen @ Gallery 839


Grant said...

So-So film with it's heart TRYING to be in the right place. Thank goodness bluth fled, or it would have been dragged down into the depths of sugary awfulness he's patented. They really should have hired directors with better taste--especially where the songs were concerned. The development art by Mel Shaw were fine, but the end result, especially the bg color styling by jim coleman, were flat, amateurish, and frankly ugly.

But the IDEA of the story was better than the film, and i happen to think the ending (not just the bear fight) was unique in a Disney film.

A film worthy of being called "transitional." With all the bluth folk gone, Disney could finally grow and move forward.

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