Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Rhythm Slimmed

Not too many years ago, R & H was the model effects/animation house. Almost everybody said it was a great place to work. And now?

Visual-effects company Rhythm & Hues has shed more than half of its L.A. staff since it filed for bankruptcy protection in February. ...

The Oscar-winning company, now owned by Prana Studios, is down to roughly 200 L.A. employees following layoffs and furloughs, according to multiple individuals with knowledge of the company's restructuring. Prior to its bankruptcy, the company boasted more than 700 employees at its headquarters in El Segundo.

That represents a 71 percent drop in the five months since Rhythm & Hues won an Oscar for "Life of Pi." ...

When you're on the ropes, it's only a short drop to being completely out of the ring.

Which is a shame. Back in 1999, when DreamQuest Images was purchased by Disney, more than one veteran effects artist stood up in the large, company meetings that Diz Co. held and gave testimonials about how awesome a place to work R & H was, and how other studios should emulate the way it treated employees. Also, the high quality work the company did.

But that was then. Now? People who work there have to supply their own late-night eats. Or get the Animation Guild to provide vittles.


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