Thursday, July 25, 2013


Fox continues to focus on out-Disneying Disney.

It's a fast, crazy, cheap, out-of-control approach to animation. At least that's how Animation Domination High-Def's spark-plug creative director Ben Jones describes the work his team is doing as part of Fox's new Saturday night comedy block.

"We don't really take pitches, per se," Jones says. "We're just really passionate about talent, ideas, people and things we love."

Those things include Axe Cop and High School USA!, two new comedies that previewed in prime time Sunday night to 2.4 million viewers. ...

What they're not passionate about is paying guild wages and benefits.

The ADHD studio on Sunset is staffed with a combination of young up-and-comers and veterans. It pays less than other L.A. tv studios, but TAG will be working to change that. If News Corp. can pay full freight for their other television shows, why not ADHD?


Unknown said...

Hopefully workers at ADHD will get full compensation and benefits for their work. Kinda hoping this ADHD venture will be successful though I have my doubts about the man who was behind this idea. He was a former development executive at Adult Swim by the name of Nick Weidenfeld who if you ask me, doesn't really seem to have that good of a track record when it comes to successful projects.

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